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Web Publishing Hints

AfterBlue has been creating engaging web sites for various businesses and nonprofit organizations throughout the world. Over the years we have observed components of a successful web presence and learned how to use them to make your web site draw and retain visitors. We hope you will find the following hints helpful in the planning of your web site.

1. Define Your Audience

The need to define the target audience of your site is crucial and yet an often forgotten element in the planning stage of web development. Content, layout and design style can effectively communicate your message if you know who your target group is and what they value and appreciate.

2. See Through Their Eyes

The skillful developer is able to see the site from the visitor's perspective. The site must be intuitive and easy to navigate. The content should be easily accessible and relevant. The audience has to find the site useful and informative. The visitor's first impression is sometimes the only impression. Make sure their first visit to your site is an enjoyable experience.

3. Content, Content, Content

Successful web sites provide visitors with the information they are looking for. Related news, articles, links, streaming audio and video are great examples of value added content. Provision of a relevant chat-room or a message board, if appropriate, may help you build a community around your web site. Identify these opportunities within the scope of your business. Valuable resources, provided on your web site, will motivate visitors to come back.

4. Update Frequently

Maintaining your site takes a commitment, but an up-to-date web page retains its viewership and protects your investment in an online media.

5. Enforce Your Brand

The look and feel of your web site will influence your visitors and help them to form an opinion about your business. Layout, content and the use of graphics should positively reflect your company's image. Your business has to maintain a professional and esthetically pleasing look without overly increasing the time the site will take to come up.

6. Promote Your Site

Place your Internet address on business cards, printed literature and all advertisements. Consider creating a budget for online and off-line advertising.

There are a multitude of elements and mechanics of web development. AfterBlue has the experience, technology and creative talent to assist organizations with effective web publishing. Contact us today for your free consultation.

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Toll Free: 1-800-710-8003
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